Documentation for SMFM sen1mosaic

This is a set of tools to aid in the production of large-scale seasonal mosaic products from Sentinel-1 data.

Building large-scale mosaics of Sentinel-1 data for land cover mapping is more difficult than with more commonly-used optical data (e.g. Landsat), with existing tools still under-development and hard to use. The goal of this repository is to streamline this processing chain with a set of straightforward command line tools.

This repository contains three command-line based scripts to perform the following tasks:

  • Downloading Sentinel-1 data from the Copernicus Open Access Hub for a particular latitude/longitude window, specifying date ranges and ascending/descending orbits. This is based on the Sentinelsat utility.
  • Executing SNAP graph processing tool to calibrate, filter and perform terrain-correction on Sentinel-1 GRD images.
  • Mosaicking pre-processed Sentinel-1 files into larger GeoTIFF files that are suitable for image classification.

More information

For more information, refer to the ‘Satellite Monitoring for Forest Management’ webpage..

How do I get set up?

These tools are written in Python for use in Linux. You will need to have first successfully installed the following:

  • Sentinelhub: A library for searching and downloading Sentinel products.
  • SNAP: Pre-processing tools for Sentinel-1 data.

The modules used in these scripts are all available in Anaconda Python.

Who do I talk to?

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